If you have even a little bit of the spirit of a traveler and adventure seeker, it’s impossible that Romania could not please you. To be more precise – you will simply be thrilled with every day spent here! Here, in a magical way, history and the present merge, mountains, castles, huts, animals and horse-drawn carriages on the road, off-road, uranium and salt mines, abandoned railway stations and tunnels, ancient towns, superb rural landscapes, people’s lives in the countryside, and more… and more… But above all – the sense of vastness and freedom. And these two last ones are precisely what we would most want to allow you to experience and feel on our 6-day 4×4 trip through Romania, “Transylvania Skies,” created by “4×4 Centrs”!

“4×4 Centrs” offers a route in Romania that has been created using multiple exploratory trips through the best places in terms of sights, landscapes and off-road routes. Each of the 6 days of the trip will be special in its own way, with its own charm!

Romania is a large country where it is impossible to see all the “must-see” places in one trip, let alone in one week-long journey. However, we have compiled what we consider the most interesting places and mountain routes to show you, so you can get a taste of Romania’s unique “flavor.” If after this trip you want to come back again, then we will be happy and consider our mission accomplished!

One of the main components of the 4×4 trip “Transylvania Skies” will be mountain roads and mountain passes. Fantastic views, vastness and untouched nature – you will see and feel it all. However, to fully enjoy it, you need to have the appropriate off-road vehicle – with low gear transmissions and mud or rough All Terrain tires, but for SUV cars and crossovers we have a modified route – ask us about the possibilities at T.29424541 or info@4x4centrs.lv. Accommodation, breakfast and dinner will be in hotels, but lunch picnics will be in the mountains and other places in the wild!

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When, where and how will the “Transylvania Skies 2023” expedition take place?

The 4×4 expedition “Transylvania Skies 2023” is a 6-day expedition that will take place from July 2nd to July 7th, 2023.

The second expedition (with mountain lodging) will take place from July 9th to July 14th – all information HERE

For the expedition route, you will need an off-road vehicle with low gear transmissions, transmission protectors, and mud or AT (rough-pattern – such as BFG AT, General Grabber AT3, Cooper STMaxx etc.) tires. Wheel size, winch presence and car lift are not decisive. We can also rent a Toyota Land Cruiser 120 (3.0 TD, 5 doors, 5cm lift, mud tires) – if interested, please write or call us! (For SUV cars and crossovers, a modified route is available – ask us about the possibilities at T.29424541 or info@4x4centrs.lv)

  • Vehicles: It is recommended to use off-road vehicles prepared for expeditions.
  • Maximum number of cars: 8. All cars will drive together – friendly one after the other. The organizer will provide radios in all cars.
  • Route: highways, roads, mountain roads, off-road. The approximate total length of the route in Romania: 1100 km. The road from Riga to Oradea, Romania (starting point of the tour): 1400 km.
  • We will also visit sights along the way (see below).
  • Accommodation in hotels. Toilet and shower in each room.
  • Lunch every day: picnic in nature, dinner in or near the hotel, breakfast in the hotel.
  • The expedition will be led by the route creator Edvins Bauers (4×4 Centrs).

Expedition program:

(only the main sights are listed here; the program may be adjusted without affecting the goals and feeling of the trip)

1st day: Oradja – Deva (~260km)
11:30 Meeting in Oradja (RO). (1400 km from Riga). Each person can choose the route and time to get to the starting point. We can help with overnight accommodation reservations!
Main event of the day: off-road driving through the Bihor mountain range, climbing to the summit (1800m), picnic in the mountains, driving on a former railway bridge and through a tunnel.
2nd day: Deva – Targu Jiu (~200 km)
Day’s program: Corvin Castle castle visit, “Vulcan” mountain pass, Densus church (13th century), small but very beautiful village.
3rd day: Targu Jiu – Orshava (~160 km)
Day’s program: beautifully scenic route along the Danube, “Iron gates” (20-minute climb on foot) and/or hike through a large, wild gorge to the Danube exit (about 1 hour total), impressive Decebal cliff sculpture, beautiful off-road section through lower mountains (~600m above sea level).
4th day: Orshava – Novaci (~140km)
Day’s program: calmer day, with shorter and faster drive – Baile Herculane resort, ancient water mills, “Devil’s Bridge”, picnic by a mountain river.
5th day: Novaci – Sibiu (~160km)
Day’s program – climax of the trip: Transalpina pass (highest road in Romania, 2145m above sea level), Strategica mountain (off)road, picnic in the mountains. We believe that the Transalpina pass is more impressive than the popular Transfagarasan mountain pass. Visit Sibiu, shops etc.
6th day: Sibiu – Turda (~200km)
Day’s program: ancient church – fortress, brasov, “Salina Turda” salt mines (optional). Around 5pm we say goodbye. We can help with overnight accommodation reservations on the way to Riga!

Mandatory and recommended equipment

Mandatory equipment:

  • Passport or ID card
  • Car documents, OCTA
  • 4×4 off-road vehicle.
  • If necessary, offline navigation can be used on a phone or tablet (maps.me, etc.)

Recommended equipment:
Appropriate clothing and shoes for weather conditions, off-road driving accessories, as well as food for lunch breaks in nature.

Registration and participation fee for 6 days

The cost of participation includes:

  • A specially designed route for the 4×4 expedition.
  • Staying for 5 nights and breakfast at hotels
  • Radio for your car

Payment for participation from the crew, filling out the online application form and transferring the advance payment of 240 EUR x number of participants in the car within five days of filling out the application to the account below:

  • By applying more than 30 days before the chosen trip date – 1150 EUR per car + 240 EUR per person
  • By applying less than 30 days before the chosen trip date – 1250 EUR per car + 250 EUR per person.
  • *The remaining payment must be made no later than 15 days before the trip.
  • *Regular participants of the events organized by the “4×4 Centrs” association have the opportunity to make the remaining payment on the day of the event, upon registration before the trip.
  • IMPORTANT: Please indicate in the application notes and comments section:
    -preferred bed size (single/double),
    -number of required beds/rooms.

To ensure the maximum quality of the event, the number of participants is limited – no more than 8 cars! The minimum required number of cars for the expedition to take place is 4.

The tour guide and route author Edvins Bauers, in Targu Mares, Romania

Payment details:

Association “4×4 Centrs”
Reg. No. 40008185318
Bank: A/S Swedbank
Account: LV61HABA0551031829178

In the payment order, indicate: “Participation fee for Transylvanian Skies 2023”

Additional information

Any additional information or questions about the expedition “Transylvanian Skies 2023” can be obtained by calling (+371) 29 424 541 (Edvins)

Registration for expeditions

Application for the expedition from July 2nd to 7th, 2023


  1. Tils ar Nissan Patrol
  2. Valters ar Toyota LC120
  3. Guntars ar Jeep Grand Cherokee
  4. Ziedonis ar Jeep Renegade Trailhawk
  5. Gatis ar Volkswagen Amarok
  6. Jevgenijs ar Toyota LC200

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