Hello, 4wd friend! You are warmly wellcome to take part in the Latvian biggest off-road event of the year “Eagle Challenge 2016”! This event, also called “off-road festival of the year” will bring together very different kinds of participants: both families with children – coming for relax in woods, to take some pictures and have good time in good company – and off-road sportsmen and champions – coming for challenge each other in the hardest off-road conditions. There will come ATV’s as a separate group as well.

Ērgļu Izaicinājums 2016

“Eagle Challenge 2016” will take place in September, 24 in Ergli – app. 100 km from Riga (Latvia, Baltic) to the East – and will last all day long. Location of the event is very well suited for off-road driving. It has hilly terrain, clayey surfaces, almost real jungle and wild rivers to cross. And of course there are many picturesque landscapes and interesting sightseeing objects. Many participants arrive on Friday evening and stay there till Sunday.

The most important things about “Eagle Challenge 2016”

As usually, all owners of off-road vehicles – cars of ATV’s – are welcome to participate; and everyone can choose the category that suits best their experience or state of mind from the four categories that are provided: ATV, “Expedition”, “Challenge” or “4x4GeoFind”. “4×4 Centrs” shall take care of high-quality off-road track filled with interesting and challenging tasks for every category. And the wonderful staff of hotel “Ērgļi” shall take care of delicious dinner and cake! In short – we guarantee high-quality off-road driving and great atmosphere all day long!

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Every participant can choose one of the four categories:

• ATV group. For quadricycles. It will be a “tourist mode” driving in a group through picturesque area that is full of different obstacles. Leader of this group will be Agris Jansons – racing driver with more than 15 years of experience in off-road driving. He invites not to be afraid and asks drivers without much experience to participate – there will be a chance to learn a thing or two!
• Group “Expedition”. For standard SUV’s and vehicles that are somewhat prepared for off-road driving. This will be a group drive and participants shall work together and join forces to overcome obstacles or places that require off-road driving skills. But there will also be a special stage of legend that will require navigator skills from the co-driver, and a special stage to test the driving skills in a quarry. Leader of this group will be Edvīns Bauers – off-road driver that organizes events since 1997. Drivers without much experience and without specially prepared vehicles are also welcome to participate in this group. The only thing we recommend is good all terrain or mud terrain tyres. If more than 15 vehicles shall apply, the participants will be divided into groups.
• Group “Challenge”. “Ērgļi Challenge 2016” is a competition of off-road tourism driving. It requires vehicles that are prepared for off-road driving; winch is a mandatory equipment! Size of tyres – no more than 35’’ (860 mm). In this group each crew shall compete individually and will have to demonstrate their orienteering skills, as well as ability to read and drive using the legend, and their capabilities when it comes to “survival” in swamps, rivers, hills and clays of Ērgļi municipality. A photo camera will be necessary to take a photo of control points. The winners of first three places will be rewarded!
• Group “4x4GeoFind”. A race for standard 4×4 vehicles (SUV’s) with the aim to find control points and objects using Global Positioning System or GPS. In addition there will be a nice legend and other team-building tasks that will strengthen the adventurous spirit. GPS navigation system is necessary – a GPS device or smartphone with the application where you can enter GPS coordinates and then search the control points.

ATV Ērgļi

Time shedule

24th of September 2016
Base camp of the event (registration, start and finish) – hotel „Ērgļi”, in Ērgļi village (www.erglihotel.lv), GPS coordinates: N56 54,042 E025 37,661 . Here you can have a nice meal and, if necessary, rent a room for the night.
• 8:30 – 9:30 Gathering and participant registration for quadricycles.
• 09:00 – 10:30 Gathering and participant registration for cars.
• 10:30 Briefing of the participants, beginning of the drive for quadricycles.
• 11:00 Briefing of the participants, beginning of the driving/race for cars.
• 19:00 Finish for quadricycles. Sauna
• 19:30 Finish for cars. Sauna
• from 19:30 dinner.
• 21:15 Announcement of results for group “4x4GeoFind”, award ceremony for the winners.
• 21:30 Announcement of results for group “Challenge”, award ceremony for the winners.
• 21:45 Cake for all participants, courtesy of “4×4 Centrs”!


Necessary equipment

Mandatory equipment:
• winch that is in good working order (for group “Challenge”),
• winch strap (for any 4×4 vehicle having a winch),
• towing rope (for all vehicles),
• towing hooks in the back and front of the vehicle
• GPS device or smartphone with appropriate application (for group “4x4GeoFind”),
• photo camera needed to take pictures of control points (four groups “4x4GeoFind” and “Challenge”).

Recommended equipment:
• food and water supplies for lunch
• shovel,
• axe or machete,
• proper clothing, footwear and “clothing” for vehicle,
• great team-mates!

For those who want to stay overnight, we recommend not to wait for too long to make reservations in hotel: tel. +37164871604, +37129482053 (hotel „Ērgļi”).

To apply for the event (registration)


Organizer and additional information

This event is organised by association „4×4 Centrs” (reg.no.40008185318, www.4x4centrs.lv).
Director of the event: Edvins Bauers, tel. +37129424541
Co-director of the event: Gabriels Zigurs, tel. +37129250112
Additional information about the event – +37129638285 (Niklavs), +37129424541 (Edvins)

Please, see bellow some photos and videos from previous years.

See you on the festival “Ērgļi Challenge 2016” on 24 September!

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